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WoWPoint Structure

Note: This API is now obsolete.

A WoW point.

Namespace: Styx
Assembly: Styx (in Styx.dll) Version: 3.0.1160.0 (3.0.1160)
[ObsoleteAttribute("Use System.Numerics.Vector3")]
public struct WoWPoint : IEquatable<WoWPoint>, 
	IFormattable, IRangeAble

The WoWPoint type exposes the following members.

Public propertyComponentSum
Gets the component sum.
Public propertyLength
Gets the length.
Public methodAdd
Adds xOffset.
Public methodDistance
Distances the given other.
Public methodDistance2D
Distance 2 d.
Public methodDistance2DSqr
Distance 2 d sqr.
Public methodDistanceSqr
Distance sqr.
Public methodEquals(Object)
Indicates whether this instance and a specified object are equal.
(Overrides ValueTypeEquals(Object).)
Public methodEquals(WoWPoint)
Tests if this WoWPoint is considered equal to another.
Public methodStatic memberGetDirection
Gets a direction.
Public methodGetDirectionTo
Gets direction to.
Public methodGetHashCode
Returns the hash code for this instance.
(Overrides ValueTypeGetHashCode.)
Public methodGetRange
Gets the range.
Public methodGetType
Gets the Type of the current instance.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodMakeNegative
Makes the negative.
Public methodMakePositive
Makes the positive.
Public methodNegate
Flips the components.
Public methodNormalize
Normalizes this object.
Public methodRayCast(Single, Single)
Ray cast.
Public methodStatic memberRayCast(WoWPoint, Single, Single)
Ray cast.
Public methodToString
Returns the fully qualified type name of this instance.
(Overrides ValueTypeToString.)
Public methodToString(String)
Formats the value of the current instance using the specified format.
Public methodToString(String, IFormatProvider)
Formats the value of the current instance using the specified format.
Public fieldStatic memberCenter
The center.
Public fieldStatic memberEmpty
The empty.
Public fieldStatic memberMaxValue
The maximum value.
Public fieldStatic memberMinValue
The minimum value.
Public fieldX
The X coordinate.
Public fieldStatic memberXUnit
The unit.
Public fieldY
The Y coordinate.
Public fieldStatic memberYUnit
The unit.
Public fieldZ
The Z coordinate.
Public fieldStatic memberZero
The zero.
Public fieldStatic memberZUnit
The unit.
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