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Styx.Helpers Namespace
Contains commonly used helpers.
Public classActivitySetter
An activity setter.
Public classBGBotSettings
A background bottom settings.
Public classCachedValueT
Represents a value that is cached.
Public classCharacterSettings
A character settings.
Public classCombatAssistSettings
A combat assist settings.
Public classDefaultValueAttribute
Gives a setting a default value it will be initialized with.
Public classDictionaryExtensions
A dictionary extensions.
Public classEncryptedAttribute
Encrypts a setting using passed in key and IV.
Public classExtensions
An extensions.
Public classFlagCheckedListBox
A flag checked list box.
Public classFlagCheckedListBoxItem
Represents an item in the checklistbox.
Public classFlagEnumUIEditor
UITypeEditor for flag enums.
Public classGlobalSettings
A global settings.
Public classKeyboardManager
Manager for keyboards.
Public classKeyHelpers
A key helpers.
Public classLevelbotSettings
A levelbot settings.
Public classPerFrameCachedValueT
Represents a value that is cached on a per-WoW frame basis.
Public classPVPSettings
A pvp settings.
Public classSettingAttribute
Marks a property as a setting, optionally providing an explanation and element name for the output XML file.
Public classSettings
A settings.
Public classTimeCachedValueT
Represents a value that is cached for a given length of time
Public classUISettings
A settings.
Public classWoWItemQualityExtensions
Public classWoWMathHelper
A wow mathematics helper.
Public classWoWSpecExtensions
WoWSpec extensions
Public classXmlExtensions
An XML extensions.
Public classXmlUtils
An XML utilities.
Public delegateGameDebugAddStringDelegate
Game debug add string delegate.