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Vehicle Class
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Styx.WoWInternals.DB
Assembly: Styx (in Styx.dll) Version: 3.0.1160.0 (3.0.1160)
public class Vehicle

The Vehicle type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCameraFadeDistanceScalarMax
Gets the camera fade distance scalar max.
Public propertyCameraFadeDistanceScalarMin
Gets the camera fade distance scalar min.
Public propertyCameraPitchOffset
Gets the camera pitch offset.
Public propertyCameraYawOffset
Gets the camera yaw offset.
Public propertyFacingLimitLeft
Gets the left face limit.
Public propertyFacingLimitRight
Gets the right face limit.
Public propertyFlags
Gets the flags.
Public propertyFlagsB
Gets the flags b.
Public propertyId
Gets the identifier.
Public propertyMissileTargeting
Public propertyMissileTargetingId
Public propertyMouseLookOffsetPitch
Gets the mouse look offset pitch.
Public propertyPitchMax
Gets the pitch max.
Public propertyPitchMin
Gets the pitch min.
Public propertyPitchSpeed
Gets the pitch speed.
Public propertyPowerDisplayIdentifiers
Gets the power display identifiers.
Public propertySeatIdentifiers
Gets the seat identifiers.
Public propertyTurnSpeed
Gets the turn speed.
Public propertyUILocomotionType
Gets the UI locomotion type.
Public propertyVehicleUIIndicatorID
Gets the vehicle UI indicator identifier.
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