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Styx.WoWInternals Namespace
Contains the majority of the wrapped WoW API.
Public classAlteracValleyLandmark
An alterac valley landmark.
Public classArathiBasinLandmark
An arathi basin landmark.
Public classAreaPoiLandmark
An area poi landmark.
Public classBattleForGilneasLandmark
A battle for gilneas landmark.
Public classBattlegrounds
The battlegrounds manager.
Public classClickToMoveInfo
Public classDeepwindGorgeLandmark
A deepwind gorge landmark.
Public classEyeOfTheStormLandmark
An eye of the storm landmark.
Public classGameInput
A game input.
Public classIsleOfConquestLandmark
An isle of conquest landmark.
Public classLua
A lua.
Public classLuaEventArgs
Additional information for lua events.
Public classLuaEvents
A lua events.
Public classLuaNode
A lua node.
Public classLuaState
A lua state.
Public classLuaTable
Represents a Lua table.
Public classLuaTKey
A lua t key.
Public classLuaTString
A lua t string.
Public classLuaTValue
A lua t value.
Public classLuaValue
A lua value.
Public classNativeObject
Represent a native object.
Public classObjectManager
Manager for objects.
Public classPlayerQuest
Represents a quest the player has in his questlog.
Public classQuest
A question.
Public classQuestLog
A question log.
Public classResearchSiteLandmark
A research site landmark.
Public classSpellChargeInfo
Represents charge info.
Public classSpellCooldownInfo
Information about the spell cooldown.
Public classSpellDetailedPowerCost
Represents detailed power costs of a spell.
Public classStrandOfTheAncientsLandmark
A strand of the ancients landmark.
Public classTaxiMapNode
Represents a node shown on the taxi map.
Public classWoWAura
Represents an aura in World of Warcraft. This class stores static data. To refresh aura info, get a new instance from Auras and similar API's.
Public classWoWAuraCollection
Collection of WoW auras.
Public classWoWBag
A WoW bag.
Public classWoWCamera
A WoW camera.
Public classWoWCurrency
Provides information on a specific currency.
Public classWoWGroupInfo
Information about the WoW group.
Public classWoWLandMark
A WoW land mark.
Public classWoWMissile
A WoW missile.
Public classWoWMovement
Provides functions for moving in WoW.
Public classWoWMovementInfo
Information about the WoW movement.
Public classWoWPaperDoll
A wow paper doll.
Public classWoWPetControl
Public classWoWPetSpell
Defines a pet "action" spell. (From the action bar. All known pet actions.)
Public classWoWPlayerInventory
A WoW player inventory.
Public classWoWSimpleMovementInfo
Public classWoWSkill
A WoW skill.
Public classWoWSpell
A WoW spell.
Public classWoWTaxi
Helper functions for WoW taxi.
Public classWoWTotemExtensions
A WoW totem extensions.
Public classWoWTotemInfo
Information about the WoW totem.
Public classWoWVehicle
Wrapper for CVehicle_C.
Public structureNativeLuaCommonHeader
A native lua common header.
Public structureNativeLuaNode
A native lua node.
Public structureNativeLuaTable
A native lua table.
Public structureNativeLuaTKey
A native lua t key.
Public structureNativeLuaTString
A native lua t string.
Public structureNativeLuaTValue
A native lua t value.
Public structureNativeLuaValue
A native lua value.
Public structureQuestQuestObjective
A question objective.
Public structureWoWDescriptorQuest
A WoW descriptor question.
Public structureWoWGroupInfoGroupMemberInfo
Information about the group member.
Public structureWoWGuid
Represents a GUID in WoW, which is a unique identifier for a WoW entity.
Public structureWoWMovementInputControl
An input control.
Public structureWoWMovementMovementControl
A movement control.
Public structureWoWQuestPOIInfo
Public structureWoWQuestStep
A WoW question step.
Public structureWoWQuestStepsCollection
Collection of WoW question steps.
Public structureWoWSpellSpellCastingRequirementsEntry
A spell casting requirements entry.
Public structureWoWSpellSpellCastTimesEntry
A spell cast times entry.
Public structureWoWSpellSpellCategoriesEntry
A spell categories entry.
Public structureWoWSpellSpellDurationEntry
A spell duration entry.
Public structureWoWSpellSpellEntry
A spell entry.
Public structureWoWSpellSpellInterruptsEntry
A spell interrupts entry.
Public structureWoWSpellSpellMiscRec
Information about the spell misc.
Public structureWoWSpellSpellRangeEntry
A spell range entry.
Public structureWoWSpellSpellReagentsEntry
A spell reagents entry.
Public structureWoWSpellSpellShapeshiftEntry
A spell shapeshift entry.
Public structureWoWSpellSpellTargetRestrictionsEntry
A spell target restrictions entry.
Public structureWoWSpellSpellTotemsEntry
A spell totems entry.
Public delegateLuaEventHandlerDelegate
Lua event handler delegate.
Public delegateObjectListUpdateFinishedDelegate
Object list update finished delegate.
Public enumerationAlteracValleyLandmarkType
Bitfield of flags for specifying AlteracValleyLandmarkType.
Public enumerationArathiBasinLandmarkType
Values that represent ArathiBasinLandmarkType.
Public enumerationArenaType
Values that represent ArenaType.
Public enumerationBattlefieldWinner
Values that represent BattlefieldWinner.
Public enumerationBattleForGilneasLandmarkType
Values that represent BattleForGilneasLandmarkType.
Public enumerationBattlegroundJoinError
Values that represent BattlegroundJoinError.
Public enumerationBattlegroundSide
Values that represent BattlegroundSide.
Public enumerationBattlegroundStatus
Values that represent BattlegroundStatus.
Public enumerationBattlegroundType
Values that represent BattlegroundType.
Public enumerationDeepwindGorgeLandmarkType
Values that represent DeepwindGorgeLandmarkType.
Public enumerationEyeOfTheStormLandmarkType
Values that represent EyeOfTheStormLandmarkType.
Public enumerationInputMouseButton
Values that represent InputMouseButton.
Public enumerationIsleOfConquestLandmarkType
Bitfield of flags for specifying IsleOfConquestLandmarkType.
Public enumerationItemContext
Represents item contexts.
Public enumerationLandmarkControlType
Values that represent LandmarkControlType.
Public enumerationLandmarkType
Values that represent LandmarkType.
Public enumerationLuaRunStatus
Public enumerationLuaType
Values that represent LuaType.
Public enumerationMoveFlags
Bitfield of flags for specifying MoveFlags.
Public enumerationPetStance
Public enumerationQuestQuestObjectiveType
Values that represent QuestObjectiveType.
Public enumerationStrandOfTheAncientsLandmarkType
Bitfield of flags for specifying StrandOfTheAncientsLandmarkType.
Public enumerationWoWApplyAuraType
Values that represent WoWApplyAuraType.
Public enumerationWoWCurrencyType
Values that represent WoWCurrencyType.
Public enumerationWoWDescriptorQuestFlags
Bitfield of flags for specifying WoWDescriptorQuestFlags.
Public enumerationWoWDispelType
Values that represent WoWDispelType.
Public enumerationWoWGroupInfoGroupFlags
Bitfield of flags for specifying GroupFlags.
Public enumerationWoWGroupInfoWorldMarker
Values that represent WorldMarker.
Public enumerationWoWGuidType
Public enumerationWoWMovementClickToMoveType
Values that represent ClickToMoveType.
Public enumerationWoWMovementMovementDirection
Bitfield of flags for specifying MovementDirection.
Public enumerationWoWPetBattleState
Values that represent WoWPetBattleState.
Public enumerationWoWPetSpellPetAction
Values that represent PetAction.
Public enumerationWoWPetSpellPetSpellType
Values that represent PetSpellType.
Public enumerationWoWPetSpellPetStance
Values that represent PetStance.
Public enumerationWoWQuestState
Values that represent WoWQuestState.
Public enumerationWoWSpellEffectType
Values that represent WoWSpellEffectType.
Public enumerationWoWSpellFocus
Values that represent WoWSpellFocus.
Public enumerationWoWSpellMechanic
Values that represent WoWSpellMechanic.
Public enumerationWoWSpellSchool
Bitfield of flags for specifying WoWSpellSchool.
Public enumerationWoWTotem
Values that represent WoWTotem.
Public enumerationWoWTotemType
Values that represent WoWTotemType.