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Styx.CommonBot.Profiles Namespace
Contains profile related classes.
Public classCompileExpressionAttribute

Instructs the Profile code compilation engine to compile an expression

contained in a DelayCompiledExpression property

Public classCompileStringAttribute

Instructs the Profile code compilation engine to compile an expression

contained in a String property

Public classCustomBehaviorFileNameAttribute
Attribute for custom behavior file name.
Public classCustomForcedBehavior
Custom forced behavior.
Public classCustomForcedBehaviorConstrainAs

Constraints can be applied to <see cref="GetAttributeAs<T>(...)"/>, <see cref="GetAttributeAsArray<T>(...)"/>, <see cref="GetAttributeAsNullable<T>(...)"/>, or <see cref="GetNumberedAttributesAsArray<T>(...)"/> methods to constrain the input to ranges, or sets of selected values.

Public classCustomForcedBehaviorConstrainTo

This class contains pre-built constraint checking classes for use with the < see cref="GetAttributeAs<T>(...)"/>, <see cref="GetAttributeAsArray<T> (...)"/>, <see cref="GetAttributeAsNullable<T>(...)"/>, or <see cref="GetNumberedAttributesAsArray<T>(...)"/> methods.

Public classCustomForcedBehaviorConstrainToAnythingT
An anything.
Public classCustomForcedBehaviorConstrainToDomainT
A domain.
Public classCustomForcedBehaviorConstrainToNonEmptyStringT
A non empty string.
Public classCustomForcedBehaviorConstrainToNonEmptyVector3T
A non empty wow point.
Public classCustomForcedBehaviorConstrainToQuestIdT
A question identifier.
Public classCustomForcedBehaviorConstrainToSpecificValuesT
A specific values.
Public classCustomForcedBehaviorIConstraintCheckerT

This defines the interface specification for custom-written constraint checkers that are accepted by the <see cref="GetAttributeAs<T>(...)"/>, <see cref="GetAttributeAsArray<T>(...)"/>, <see cref="GetAttributeAsNullable<T> (...)"/>, or <see cref="GetNumberedAttributesAsArray<T>(...)"/> methods.

Public classForceMailManager
Manager for force mails.
Public classHotspotCollection
Collection of hotspots.
Public classMailbox
A mailbox.
Public classMailboxManager
Manager for mailboxes.
Public classProfile
A profile.
Public classProfileAttributeExpectedException
Exception for signalling profile attribute expected errors.
Public classProfileAttributeExpectedExceptionT
Exception for signalling profile attribute expected errors.
Public classProfileException
Exception for signalling profile errors.
Public classProfileManager
Manager for profiles.
Public classProfileMissingAttributeException
Exception for signalling profile missing attribute errors.
Public classProfileMissingAttributeExceptionT
Exception for signalling profile missing attribute errors.
Public classProfileMissingElementException
Exception for signalling profile missing element errors.
Public classProfileNotFoundException
Exception for signalling profile is not found.
Public classProfileTagExpectedException
Exception for signalling profile tag expected errors.
Public classProfileUnknownAttributeException
Exception for signalling profile unknown attribute errors.
Public classProfileUnknownElementException
Exception for signalling profile unknown element errors.
Public classProtectedItemsManager
Manager for protected items.
Public classUnknownProfileElementEventArgs
Additional information for unknown profile element events.
Public classVendor
A vendor.
Public classVendorManager
Manager for vendors.
Public classVendorTypeExtensions
A vendor type extensions.
Public structureBlackspot
A blackspot.
Public interfaceIXmlObject
An object that is associated with an XML element