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StyxWoW Class
Represents the "entrance" to Honorbuddy's WoW API.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Styx
Assembly: Styx (in Styx.dll) Version: 3.0.1160.0 (3.0.1160)
public static class StyxWoW

The StyxWoW type exposes the following members.

Public propertyStatic memberAreaManager
Gets the manager for area.
Public propertyStatic memberBuildType
Gets the type of this build.
Public propertyStatic memberCache
Gets the cache.
Public propertyStatic memberCamera
Gets the current game camera.
Public propertyStatic memberDb
Gets the database.
Public propertyStatic memberExecutorLogging
Public propertyStatic memberGameGraphicsApi
Gets the game graphics api.
Public propertyStatic memberGameState
Gets the state of the game (Idling, zoning, etc).
Public propertyStatic memberGameVersion
Gets the game version.
Public propertyStatic memberIsInGame
Gets a value indicating whether this object is in game.
Public propertyStatic memberIsInWorld
Returns whether the current character is logged in, and not zoning. (Loading screen).
Public propertyStatic memberLandmarks
Gets the landmarks.
Public propertyStatic memberLastHardwareAction
Gets the last hardware action.
Public propertyStatic memberLastRedErrorMessage
Returns the last red error message.
Public propertyStatic memberMe
Gets me every time.
Public propertyStatic memberMemory
Gets the Memory reader used in Styx.
Public propertyStatic memberOverlay
Public propertyStatic memberRandom
Gets a thread safe wrapper of the Random class, that can be used to generate random values.
Public propertyStatic memberWorldScene
Gets the world scene.
Public propertyStatic memberWoWClient
Gets the WoW client.
Public propertyStatic memberWowExited
Gets a value that indicates whether the WoW instance this HB is attached to has exited.
Public methodStatic memberDisableExecutorLogging
Public methodStatic memberEnableExecutorLogging
Public methodStatic memberIsStoreProductLoaded
Checks if a store product by the specified name is loaded.
Public methodStatic memberResetAfk
Resets the afk.
Public methodStatic memberSetSeparatedLogFolders
Used to separate or unseparate log folders
Public methodStatic memberShowStoreProfileBrowserAndGetPath
This will open a store profile browser window and return the path of the selected profile upon user interaction. Returns null if no profile is selected.
Public methodStatic memberSleep(Int32) Obsolete.
Sleeps the given duration in milliseconds.
Public methodStatic memberSleep(TimeSpan) Obsolete.
Sleeps for the given time span.
Public methodStatic memberSleepForLagDuration Obsolete.
Causes the current thread to sleep, for the amount of time it takes a packet to be sent to the server, and a possible update packet to be recieved. Will also sleep for an extra 50ms to include 'processing time'.
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