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Styx.CommonBot.Routines Namespace
Contains routine related classes.
Public classCapabilityManager

This manager allows multiple sources to disallow a CombatRoutine capability for specific time or until a condition evaluates

to false and once no sources are disallowing a capability, that capability is then allowed

Public classCapabilityManagerHandle
Public classCapabilityStateChangedArgs
Public classCombatRoutine
A combat routine.
Public classInvalidRoutineWrapper
An invalid routine wrapper.
Public classRoutineManager
/// This class just lets us do some things to make sure we always have a valid routine, but don't break the bot. /// It's a good thing, I swear! ///.
Public enumerationCapabilityFlags
Combat Routine's capabilities.
Public enumerationCapabilityState
Represents the state of capabilities, as requested by the user or bot.