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Styx.CommonBot.CharacterManagement Namespace
Contains classes related to managing the character while the bot runs.
Public classAutoEquipper
Represents a class that implements operations to auto equip items for the current character.
Public classCharacterManager
Public classClassProfile
Represents a class profile.
Public classClassProfileLoadException
Public classClassProfileLocalization
Public classTalentPlacement
Represents a talent placement.
Public classTalentPlacementSet
Represents a set of talent placements.
Public classTalentSelector
Represents a class that implements operations to automatically select talents as the character levels.
Public classWeightSet
Represents a set of weights.
Public enumerationDetailedWeaponStyle
Public enumerationWeaponStyle
Represents weapon styles.
Public enumerationWeighableStatType
Represents stat types that can be weighed, and are used by WeightSet.