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Styx.Common Namespace
Contains commonly used classes.
Public classAddCompositeListOperation
An add composite list operation.
Public classArguments
Arguments class.
Public classAsmHelper
An assembly helper.
Public classAssemblyLoaderT
An assembly loader.
Public classBeta
Public classCapacityQueueT
Queue of capacities.
Public classCircularQueueT
Queue of circulars.
Public classCommandLine
A command line.
Public classCompositeListOperation
A composite list operation.
Public classDualHashSetT1, T2
A dual hash set.
Public classExtensions
An extensions.
Public classFileCacheT
Acts as a file based cache implementing List<T>. Use in place of a typical List to gain the advantage of file storage for persistent data.
Public classFlash
A flash.
Public classForcedCulture
A forced culture.
Public classHookDescription
Description of the hook.
Public classHookExecutor
A simple Action composite, to facilitate executing TreeHook composites. It is not recommended you use this for any built-in hooks. Only use this if using a custom hook location!
Public classHotkey
A hotkey.
Public classHotkeysManager
Manager for hotkeys.
Public classIndexedListT
List of indexed.
Public classInsertCompositeListOperation
An insert composite list operation.
Public classLinqExtensions
A linq extensions.
Public classLogging
A logging.
Public classLoggingLogMessage
A log message.
Public classLruCacheTKey, TValue
Represents a least-recently-used cache.
Public classMathEx
The mathematics ex.
Public classPerformanceTimer
A performance timer.
Public classRangedDictionaryT
Dictionary of ranged.
Public classReplaceCompositeListOperation
A replace composite list operation.
Public classShapeHelper
A shape helper.
Public classStyxLog
Public classThreadSafeRandom
Represents a thread safe random implementation.
Public classTimedRecordKeeperT
A class that keeps record of an entry and a time at an interval for the last X milliseconds.
Public classTreeHooks
A simplistic class to facilitate hooking into logic trees.
Public classTypeLoaderT
A type loader.
Public classTypeOnlyLoaderT
A type only loader.
Public classUtilities
An utilities.
Public classVector3Extensions
Public interfaceIRangeAble
Interface for range able.
Public enumerationContainmentType
Public enumerationFlashFlags
Bitfield of flags for specifying FlashFlags.
Public enumerationLogLevel
Values that represent LogLevel.
Public enumerationModifierKeys
Bitfield of flags for specifying ModifierKeys.
Public enumerationTimestampType
Represents different types of timestamps.