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Styx.CommonBot Namespace
Contains bot related classes.
Public classBlacklist
Contains objects the bot should ignore in certain situations.
Public classBlacklistBlacklistEntry
A blacklist entry.
Public classBotBase
A bottom base.
Public classBotEvents
Provides events for common situations in the bot.
Public classBotEventsBattleground
A battleground.
Public classBotEventsBotChangedEventArgs
Additional information for bottom changed events.
Public classBotEventsBotStartStopRequestEventArgs
Represents event args for the OnBotStartRequested and OnBotStopRequested events.
Public classBotEventsBotStoppedEventArgs
Public classBotEventsPlayer
A player.
Public classBotEventsPlayerLevelUpEventArgs
Additional information for level up events.
Public classBotEventsPlayerMapChangedEventArgs
Additional information for map changed events.
Public classBotEventsPlayerMobKilledEventArgs
Additional information for mob killed events.
Public classBotEventsPlayerMobLootedEventArgs
Additional information for mob looted events.
Public classBotEventsPlayerObjectHarvestedEventArgs
Additional information for object harvested events.
Public classBotEventsProfile
A profile.
Public classBotEventsProfileNewProfileLoadedEventArgs
Additional information for new profile loaded events.
Public classBotEventsQuesting
A questing.
Public classBotManager
Manager for bottoms.
Public classBuyItemsEventArgs
Additional information for buy items events.
Public classChat
An extended version of the WoWChat class. Exposes much more in terms of availability of chat messages.
Public classChatChatAddonEventArgs
Additional information for chat addon events.
Public classChatChatAuthoredEventArgs
Additional information for chat events with an author.
Public classChatChatChannelSpecificEventArgs
Additional information for chat channel specific events.
Public classChatChatGuildEventArgs
Additional information for chat guild events.
Public classChatChatLanguageSpecificEventArgs
Additional information for chat language specific events.
Public classChatChatMessageBaseEventArgs
Additional information for chat message base events.
Public classChatChatMonsterEventArgs
Additional information for chat monster events.
Public classChatChatMonsterSayEventArgs
Additional information for chat monster say events.
Public classChatChatSimpleMessageEventArgs
Additional information for chat simple message events.
Public classChatChatWhisperEventArgs
Additional information for chat whisper events.
Public classGameStats
A game stats.
Public classGoalTextChangedEventArgs
Public classHealTargeting
A heal targeting.
Public classInactivityDetector
Handles logging out if we are inactive for a certain period of time.
Public classKnownFlightNodesManager
Manages the known flight paths from a file on disk.
Public classLandmarks
A landmarks.
Public classLootPredictor
Public classLootTargeting
A loot targeting.
Public classMailItemsEventArgs
Additional information for mail items events.
Public classMount
A mount.
Public classMountMountWrapper
A mount wrapper.
Public classMountUpEventArgs
Additional information for mount up events.
Public classRaFHelper
A ra f helper.
Public classRest
A rest.
Public classSellItemsEventArgs
Additional information for sell items events.
Public classShutdownRequestedEventArgs
Public classSpellFindResults
A spell find results.
Public classSpellManager
A wrapper class to help in casting spells.
Public classStatusTextChangedEventArgs
Additional information for status text changed events.
Public classTargeting
The targeting manager class.
Public classTargetingTargetPriority
A target priority.
Public classTreeRoot
Class that will tick/initialize/start/dispose the behavior tree.
Public classVendors
A vendors.
Public delegateBlacklistEntryRemovalDelegate
Entry removal delegate.
Public delegateBotEventsBattlegroundBattlegroundEnterDelegate
Battleground enter delegate.
Public delegateBotEventsBattlegroundBattlegroundLeftDelegate
Battleground left delegate.
Public delegateBotEventsOnBotChangedDelegate
Raises the bottom changed event.
Public delegateBotEventsOnBotStartDelegate
The bot start delegate event.
Public delegateBotEventsOnBotStartStopRequestedDelegate
Public delegateBotEventsOnBotStopDelegate
The bot stop delegate event.
Public delegateBotEventsPlayerLevelUpDelegate
Level up delegate.
Public delegateBotEventsPlayerMapChangedDelegate
Map changed delegate.
Public delegateBotEventsPlayerMobKilledDelegate
Mob killed delegate.
Public delegateBotEventsPlayerMobLootedDelegate
Mob looted delegate.
Public delegateBotEventsPlayerObjectHarvestedDelegate
Object harvested delegate.
Public delegateBotEventsPlayerPlayerDiedDelegate
Player died delegate.
Public delegateBotEventsProfileNewProfileLoadedDelegate
Creates a new profile loaded delegate.
Public delegateBotEventsQuestingQuestAcceptedDelegate
Question accepted delegate.
Public delegateBuyItemsEventHandler
Delegate for handling BuyItems events.
Public delegateChatChatMessageHandlerExT
A simple generic delegate to help simplify chat based events.
Public delegateGameStatsInfoPanelUpdatedDelegate
Information panel updated delegate.
Public delegateIncludeTargetsFilterDelegate
A filter for the target list. This filter adds all potential targets to the outgoing units.
Public delegateMailItemsEventHandler
Delegate for handling MailItems events.
Public delegateRemoveTargetsFilterDelegate
A filter for the target list. This filter should remove invalid units from the list. This is called before the include targets filter.
Public delegateTargetListUpdateFinishedDelegate
Target list update finished delegate.
Public delegateVendorItemsEventHandler
Delegate for handling VendorItems events.
Public delegateWeighTargetsDelegate
Allows a registered callee to set the weights on the specified units.
Public enumerationBlacklistFlags
Bitfield of flags for specifying BlacklistFlags.
Public enumerationHonorbuddyExitCode
Represents exit codes used by Honorbuddy and its subsystems.
Public enumerationMountType
Values that represent MountType.
Public enumerationPulseFlags
Bitfield of flags for specifying PulseFlags.
Public enumerationTreeRootState