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Styx.WoWInternals.WoWObjects Namespace
Contains WoW object related classes.
Public classGameObjectInfo
Information about the game object.
Public classItemInfo
Information about the item.
Public classItemStats
An item stats.
Public classLocalPlayer
The main local player (me)
Public classUnitThreatInfo
Information about the unit threat.
Public classWoWAnimatedSubObject
A WoW animated sub object.
Public classWoWAreaTrigger
A WoW area trigger.
Public classWoWChair
A WoW chair.
Public classWoWContainer
A WoW container.
Public classWoWCorpse
Resprents an ingame corpse, bones only etc. A player becomes a corpse after he/she releases from the body.
Public classWoWDoor
A WoW door.
Public classWoWDynamicObject
A dynamic object within WoW. Usually spells placed on the ground, and similar effects.
Public classWoWFishingBobber
A WoW fishing bobber.
Public classWoWGameObject
A WoW game object.
Public classWoWItem
A WoW item.
Public classWoWItemWoWItemEnchantment
A WoW item enchantment.
Public classWoWItemWoWItemStat
A WoW item stat.
Public classWoWObject
A WoW object.
Public classWoWPartyMember
A WoW party member.
Public classWoWPlayer
A WoW player.
Public classWoWSubObject
A WoW sub object.
Public classWoWUnit
A WoW unit.
Public interfaceILootableObject
Interface provided for lootable objets.
Public delegateObjectInvalidateDelegate
Delegate used when invalidating objects.
Public enumerationBagType
Values that represent BagType.
Public enumerationCorpseType
The corpse type.
Public enumerationRaidTargetMarker
Values that represent RaidTargetMarker.
Public enumerationReputationFlags
The reputation flags.
Public enumerationSpecType
The spec type.
Public enumerationWoWInebriationLevel
Values that represent WoWInebriationLevel.
Public enumerationWoWLockType
Values that represent WoWLockType.
Public enumerationWoWPartyMemberGroupRole
Values that represent a role in our current group.
Public enumerationWoWPlayerCombatRating
Values that represent WoWPlayerCombatRating.