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Styx.CommonBot.Profiles.Quest.Order Namespace
Contains profile related quest order node classes.
Public classAbandonQuestNode
An abandon question node.
Public classCheckpointNode
A quest checkpoint is a node that does not modify behavior. It only tells HB points of which to start from.
Public classClearAvoidMobsNode
A clear avoid mobs node.
Public classClearBlacklistNode
A clear blacklist node.
Public classClearGrindAreaNode
A clear grind area node.
Public classClearMailboxNode
A clear mailbox node.
Public classClearVendorNode
A clear vendor node.
Public classCodeNode
A code node.
Public classCompileBatch
Represents a batch of types and class members that are compiled in one go.
Public classCompileError
Public classDelayCompiledExpression
Creates a delegate that can be used to execute a lambda expression after it's compiled some time in the future. The delegate is created right away but an exception is thrown if it's invoked before expression has been compiled
Public classDelayCompiledExpressionT

Contains a CSharp lambda expression that is compiled at a latter time however

a delegate instance (CallableExpression)is created when a

DelayCompiledExpression instance is constructed.

The CallableExpression can be stored and used after expression is compiled.

Public classDisableRepairNode
A disable repair node.
Public classElse
An else.
Public classElseIf
An else if.
Public classEnableRepairNode
An enable repair node.
Public classGrindToNode
A grind to node.
Public classIfNode
if node.
Public classMoveToNode
A move to node.
Public classObjectiveNode
A quest objective tells HB to perform an objective for a quest.
Public classOrderNode
An order node.
Public classOrderNodeCollection
TODO: Convert to use Styx.Helpers.IndexedList and check usages.
Public classPickUpNode
A pick up tells HB to pick up a quest.
Public classProfileHelperFunctionsBase
A profile helper functions base.
Public classQuestBehaviorHelper
A question behavior helper.
Public classRecheckCheckpoints
A quest checkpoint is a node that does not modify behavior. It only tells HB points of which to start from.
Public classSetAvoidMobsNode
A set vendor node.
Public classSetBlacklistNode
A set vendor node.
Public classSetGrindAreaNode
A set grind area node.
Public classSetLootMobsNode
A set loot mobs node.
Public classSetLootRadiusNode
A set loot radius node.
Public classSetMailboxNode
A set mailbox node.
Public classSetNavTypeNode
A set nav type node.
Public classSetTargetingDistanceNode
A set targeting distance node.
Public classSetUseMountNode
A set use mount node.
Public classSetVendorNode
A set vendor node.
Public classToggleBehaviorNode
A toggle behavior node.
Public classTurnInNode
A turn in node.
Public classUseItemNode
An use item node.
Public classWhileNode
A while node.
Public interfaceINodeContainer
Interface for node container.
Public enumerationOrderNodeType
Values that represent OrderNodeType.
Public enumerationQuestObjectType
Values that represent QuestObjectType.
Public enumerationUseItemNodeUseItemTargetType
Values that represent UseItemTargetType.