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Styx.Pathing Namespace
Contains pathing related classes.
Public classAerialBlackspotManager
Public classBlackspotManager
Manager for blackspots.
Public classClickToMoveMover
Click to move mover. This is the default mover for Honorbuddy.
Public classFlightor
The flightor class.
Public classFlightorMountHelper
A mount helper.
Public classFlightorMountHelperDisMount Obsolete.
The dis mount.
Public classFlyToParameters
Represents parameters for MoveTo(FlyToParameters).
Public classMoveResultExtensions
Public classMoveToParameters
Represents parameters for MoveTo(MoveToParameters).
Public classNavigationProvider
Public classNavigationProviderChangedEventArgsT
Additional information for navigator changed events.
Public classNavigator
Public classPathInformation
Represents information about a path distance to an object.
Public classSampleCircle
Represents a circle (in 2D) to sample points within.
Public classSamplePointsParameters
Represents parameters for sampling points with a navigation provider.
Public classWrappingNavigationProvider
Provides a helper for wrapping a different navigation provider.
Public interfaceIPlayerMover
Interface for player mover.
Public enumerationBlackspotQueryFlags
Represents flags for querying blackspots.
Public enumerationMoveResult
Values that represent MoveResult.
Public enumerationPathDistanceType
Represents the different kinds of path distance values.
Public enumerationPathGenerationFailStep
Values that represent PathGenerationFailStep.
Public enumerationPathNavigability
Represents path information.
Public enumerationSamplePointsType
Represents the types of points to sample with a navigation provider.