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Styx.CommonBot.Frames Namespace
Contains classes for Lua frame wrappers.
Public classAuctionFrame
An auction frame.
Public classFlightMapFrame
Public classFrame
A frame.
Public classGarrisonMissionFrame
Public classGossipFrame
A gossip frame.
Public classGossipQuestEntry
A gossip question entry.
Public classGuildBankFrame
A thin wrapper around the guild bank frame. Please note that this is meant to be used within a using statement, as it requires Lua events to track certain states.
Public classGuildBankTab
Public classLootFrame
A loot frame.
Public classLootSlotInfo
Class used internally by the LootFrame class to get more information about loot slot items.
Public classMailFrame
A mail frame.
Public classMailFrameInboxMailItem
An inbox mail item.
Public classMerchantFrame
Class for functions fields properites etc associated with the MerchantFrame.
Public classMerchantItem
A merchant item.
Public classQuestFrame
A question frame.
Public classTaxiFrame
A taxi frame.
Public classTrainerFrame
A trainer frame.
Public structureGossipEntry
A gossip entry.
Public enumerationAuctionListType
Values that represent AuctionListType.
Public enumerationGossipEntryGossipEntryType
Values that represent GossipEntryType.
Public enumerationItemQuality
Bitfield of flags for specifying ItemQuality.
Public enumerationLootRarity
Values that represent LootRarity.
Public enumerationTrainerServiceFilter
Values that represent TrainerServiceFilter.